Cancer Below The Belt & Jolie Carpenter-Berry

We are so grateful to be collaborating with a woman as incredible as Ms. Jolie Carpenter-Berry. Her mission and vision align with ours, which goes to create a match made in heaven. Jolie, thank you for your continuous support.


Friends of Cancer Below The Belt, make sure to follow Jolie on Instagram at @joliecarpenterberry to stay up to date with her incredible projects and endeavours. We will meet you there! 

Intestinal Cancer

We found a survivor from this cancer to showcase in our Cancer Portrait Series. If you, a friend, or family member is a survivor of another cancer below the belt, please contact us at Cancer Below the Belt and tell us your story. You may end up in our gallery of inspiration, providing encouragement to the thousands of others who must face the uncertainties and fears that come with a positive diagnosis for cancer.

The CBTB Team

Pancreatic Cancer

Brenda is an artist herself and understands the power of movement art possesses. She believes that faith, homeopathic medicine, and a strong mind are the keys to surviving cancer. Sympathetic to the lack of awareness, Brenda joined the campaign to become one of the paintings as a symbol of hope, endurance, and the chance to save someone through the medium she understands best.


Ovarian Cancer

Lynne is a graduate from University of Central Oklahoma where she received her degree in advertising and graphics. She has been commissioned for portraits, novel covers, and finally found her way as the director of the Stafford Air and Space Museum. Her love of art inspired her to teach one class a semester at Southwestern Oklahoma State in art history. Being a part of this campaign and spreading awareness is just another way Lynne expresses her passion for teaching and connecting with people.

Uterine Cancer

Marcy was a corporate lawyer who enjoyed her down time teaching hot yoga. She believed in going at life headfirst, and making the most of every situation. Having been in remission, Marcy’s cancer returned in late 2016 when it ultimately took her life. Before succumbing to the disease, Marcy was able to become one of the paintings that is helping to spread awareness; she continues to inspire others through her life story and her contribution to this campaign.


Prostate Cancer

In addition to being the founder and motivating force behind Cancer Below the Belt, Kelly is a prominent interior designer working from Houston, Texas.

As he will attest, life has always been about process and ones reaction to it. When he was diagnosed with cancer, he brought this outlook with him to treatment, which he believes is crucial for survival. Not wanting others to receive the same stunning diagnoses, Kelly set out to create an awareness campaign whose sole purpose is to spread awareness, and bring the “ease” back into disease.

In addition to creating some of the world’s most stunning interiors for a diverse range of fiercely loyal clients, Kelly is always on the lookout for talent–encouraging creative people of all stripes to reach their full potential. This commissioned series of Cancer Portraits from up-and-coming artist Corey Scott is a perfect example of Kelly’s tireless advocacy.