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People Working
For People

Our Campaign is made by the amazing people in our team. They have our eternal gratitude for their continuous support. We would like to invite you to discover the heroes of CBTB: artists, medics, dentists, chefs, fashion coaches and so much more! 

Social Media

With our desire to reach as many people as possible, we could not stay off the most relevant and actual social media platforms. We invite you to follow us and get in touch there! 

A New Therapy
Pelvic Floor Massage

Cancer Below The Belt is currently working with a team of professionals to develop and support a new revolutionary therapy for survivors of cancer below the belt. Pelvic Floor massages can help rebuild healthy, functional tissue that was once incapacitated by posttraumatic scarring.

#Get Caught
With Your
Pants Down

You can help us in our campaign simply by dropping your pants in a photo! It is that simple! In fact, this trend is common at all of our events. Take a look at our page below to see some photos from previous #GetCaughtWithYourPantsDown events and to find our how you can be part of your campaign!

Join Our Movement

Our scope is clear: to help raise awareness about the twelve cancers in the pelvic area. However, the way we address our scope varies from day to day. We organize events, fundraisers, galleries, raffles, and much more! 


The multidimensional pains that cancer gives its patients is incommensurable and very hard to express in words. However, it is easy to express in color. Discover our collection of cancer portraits by Corey Scott. 

The Dirty Dozen

If you are still confused about the variety of cancers in the pelvic region, we’ve put together a little infograph for you to gather more information. 

Screening Info

When is the last time you were screened for cancer? Whenever it is, it is probably way too long ago. Early screening is the single most important factor in healing from and surviving cancer. Find more information in our mini-encyclopedia:

Show Your Support

We are very happy that you want to donate to our campaign. Our online donation services are temporarily unavailable, so if you wish to donate please get in touch with us using the phone number present on our Contact page. Thank you! 

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We know you probably have a lot of questions at this point. We want to answer all those questions. When is our next event? How can you participate? How do we raise money? What do we raise money for? We invite you to explore the website, but if you still have confusion after that, use the button below to reach our contact form: