Cancer Below The Belt

The Cancer Below The Belt initiative is now inactive, and remains forever grateful to collaborators, patrons, partners, and donors. Thank you for many years of service!


People Working
For People

We’ve had a blast working with so many incredible people over the years. Cancer Below The Belt remains grateful to our partners, and we keep their memory alive by naming them, always, on our ledger.

Our Campaign

We keep the memory of our achievements alive by re-watching this video over and over again. If you’d like to see what we’ve done, why not also check out our (inactive) social media channels? You’ll see some very friendly, and often very familiar faces! 

#Get Caught
With Your
Pants Down

Through our “Get Caught With Your Pants Down” campaign, we managed to raise over $100,000 in donations for medical centres and various other organisations that support cancer patients. Thank you to everyone who donated!


The multidimensional pains that cancer gives its patients is incommensurable and very hard to express in words. However, it is easy to express in color. Discover our collection of cancer portraits by Corey Scott. 

The Dirty Dozen

If you are still confused about the variety of cancers in the pelvic region, we’ve put together a little infograph for you to gather more information. 

Screening Info

When is the last time you were screened for cancer? Whenever it is, it is probably way too long ago. Early screening is the single most important factor in healing from and surviving cancer. Find more information in our mini-encyclopedia:

A Ride To Remember

Under the patronage of Kelly Gale Amen, Cancer Below The Belt has supported cancer patients worldwide in many ways, making a significant positive difference in quality (and length) of life. Like all good things, our activity has come to an end, but we keep the memories alive. Thank you, and see you soon!