2018 Get Caught With Your Pants Down on the Weird Homes Tour

View the Weird Homes Tour coverage of Kelly Gale Amen’s loft and Cancer Below the Belt.

Houston Weird Homes Tour
October 6, 2018
Dakota Lofts

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CBTB on CultureMap

“The Scoop: Guests gathered at the specialty men’s shoe store to support Cancer Below the Belt, an organization founded by interior designer Kelly Amen to raise awareness and reduce the stigma about prostate cancer. Amen, a prostate cancer survivor, says he is always looking for ways to put the “ease back in disease” and came up up the fun idea to launch a campaign for supporters to be photographed in their skivvies, with the hashtag #GetCaughtWithYourPantsDown.”

Check out the full write-up on CultureMap!

Shoes On, Pants Off @ Mezlan Galleria

Cancer Below the Belt & Mezlan Shoes Present #GetCaughtWithYourPantsDown

The Cancer Below the Belt and Mezlan partnership continues! Mezlan, being a luxury men’s footwear brand, clearly understands the importance of raising awareness about cancers below the belt.  On December 1st, we hosted our second event in partnership with Mezlan Shoes. Revelers enjoyed prosecco and chocolate while talking about the un-talked-about areas of the body!

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 Event Photos

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PaperCity: Drop Your Drawers and Smile

“After a long day, the first thing on one’s mind is getting home and changing into something more comfortable. For the second year in a row, Cancer Below the Belt partners with Mezlan Shoes in The Galleria to invite guests to keep their shoes on, drop their pants and smile for the camera — all for a good cause.”

Check out the full write-up at Paper City.


ArtCrawl/Portrait Showcase @ Dakota Lofts

Cancer Below the Belt in partnership with The Dakota Lofts and artist Corey Scott held a special event to showcase the unveiling of the installation of the first six Cancer Below the Belt paintings focusing on cancers below the belt. Here you can see images of our unveiling of an installation aimed at changing the way we talk about difficult subjects.

Event Photos

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#GetCaught @ Mezlan Galleria

Mezlan Shoes, dear friends of Cancer Below The Belt, opened their doors to host two fabulous nights of pants dropping, fun having and awareness raising. Mezlan Shoes, as a provider of luxury men’s footwear gets the importance of taking every precaution to ensure that men have the best chance at a long and healthy life. Click through to see the fun we had!

Event Photos

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Downtown Club @ The Met

Cancer Below the Belt at the Downtown Club at the Met! What a wonderful time of celebrating and luring more and more people into the web of awareness. This event was over the top, with a KGA Design Functional Art furniture commemorative Cancer Below The Belt bench being raffled off! Congratulations to Brad Haygood, the winner of the bench!

Event Photos

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2015 Event at Ken Kehoe

Ken Kehoe and Co. is a longtime supporter of Kelly Gale Amen and when Kelly wanted to take his awareness campaign to the next level… Ken Kehoe and Co. generously opened their doors to welcome the message of awareness. The event was all about getting the things that are hard to talk about into the open. From the food to the drinks…everything was provocative and geared toward stirring up the conversation about cancers that aren’t being talked about.

Event Photos

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