Grand, fun, and above all charitable! These are just a few words that could describe the incredible CBTB Events! We are very happy to have received guests from all around the world, with various occupations and professions, but guided by a common goal: to help cancer patients. And because we believe that any memorable event needs to be immortalized, we put together a short article about each event we organize! We invite you to discover your gallery below. 

Over $30,000 raised in a single event!

One thing is for sure: we care profoundly for our cause. And while our events are incredibly fun and enjoyable, their main purpose is to raise funds for various causes. Be it supporting cancer patients with no insurance or creating large-scale awareness campaigns related to early screening or innovative treatments, we always aim to support the medical community. Join our events and participate in a charitable campaign that can, and very often does, save lives. 

Latest Events

Auctions & Raffles

Occasionally, our founder & patron Kelly Gale Amen will put up one of his Commemorative Benches or CBTB Pillow Cabinets for raffle or auction. We invite you to find out more about this project, and discover how you too can participate and win a pillow cabinet or a bench! 

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