Grand, fun, and above all charitable! These are just a few words that could describe the incredible CBTB Events! We are very happy to have received guests from all around the world, with various occupations and professions, but guided by a common goal: to help cancer patients. And because we believe that any memorable event needs to be immortalized, we put together a short article about each event we organize! We invite you to discover your gallery below. 

Over $30,000 raised in a single event!

From helping patients without insurance to contributing to refurbishments of medical institutions, our events were always both good fun and a great success in terms of fundraising. We’ve raised over $30,000 in a single event, multiple times. Explore what we’ve done below:  

Latest Events

Auctions & Raffles

The best fundraiser was always a Commemorative Bench auction. Designer Kelly Gale Amen would create one of his rare benches and put it up for auction in the middle of a CBTB event. Donations and offers would fly around. Many thanks to everyone who was involved in the creation of the benches!