Pants Down, Sugar!

The Big C. What can one say about it to turn it into a heartfelt letter? As a survivor of cancer myself, I know how devastating it can be. It changes your life forever. It changes you, it changes the people around you. It changes everything

However, there is always hope. And hope is the fuel that can keep any engine running forever. Cancer, grace to modern science, is no longer a death sentence. And while there are various medical therapies to cure cancer, there are many steps that can be done to prevent it, to discover it early, and to alleviate the side effects of treatment.

This brings me to the purpose of Cancer Below The Belt. This campaign hits home, because I had prostate cancer, and I felt the effects of the disease and its treatment. By having it, I learned how important it is to have a network of people who support you, as well as resources and access to holistic healing and resources in order to bear the journey easier in both spiritual and energetic ways. It is important to have access to good food, to therapies for the body and for the soul. And I cannot stress enough how important it is to screen early and screen often. If found in early stages, cancer can be cured. 

I launched this initiative to deliver all these resources to people who are battling cancer right now, and also to motivate people to get all their medical checks in order. If you are a survivor of cancer below the belt, or are battling it now, I can promise you one thing: YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 

Sincerely Yours,

Kelly Gale Amen